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Could you hear the sleigh bells ringing… in Mexico?

Carmen Schleck Sep 6, 2021 Career & Life

He might have heard some sleigh bells ringing when he first got back to Mexico over Christmas. He initially travelled to Mexico to visit his family during Christmas time, and spontaneously had the desire to extend his stay, which was possible by working remotely from Mexico. 

As you all know, the year 2020 was a very special one. People going almost daily to the office, travelling all around the globe for business trips, eager to discover new places and cultures, visiting friends or family. That almost all had been changed out of the sudden due to the pandemic coming up in 2020.  

Esteban joined LucaNet in 2015 right after his masters: “I wanted to work in Busines Development/Sales, but I was really curious about consulting as well. And that’s when I found this “Simply Intelligent Software” … “and consulting” company.” Esteban’s journey at LucaNet started with a position in the Business Development area, then switching into Consulting for a few years. In 2020 he changed into the International Sales, Strategy and Operations area within LucaNet, supporting our subsidiaries and partners. What those positions especially all have in common: “There’s a good amount of travelling involved in each phase” 

Due to the uncertainty and the new travel restrictions due to COVID-19, not only his daily work life changed with all business trips cancelled, but also his private life. Esteban hadn’t been able to see his family throughout the year that initially had planned to visit him in Berlin. By the end of the year, he therefore agreed with his Team Lead to spend the Winter Holidays in Mexico to have some holy Christmas time with his family: “Having the opportunity to spend more time with my family in these times of uncertainty and travel restrictions was a luxury and huge blessing.” 

The time just passed by too quickly. And as the restrictions where loser in Mexico than in Germany and Esteban got to enjoy a lot of time with his family and friends, he reached out to his Team Lead Sarah requesting to stay a few weeks longer and work remotely. Due to this overall special situation of not knowing when he will be able to come back and the special times we are in, Sarah supported him and enabled the shipment of his IT-equipment to Mexico so he would be able to work 100 percent as from Berlin. 

Wondering how it is to work while having about 7 hours of time difference? Due to his role at LucaNet the time shift wasn’t a big issue to accomplish his work: “Because I’m supporting operations in Latin America, I had the chance to easily arrange meetings in their time zone. LucaNet’s working model is pretty virtual and mobile, in terms of tools and equipment. I’m very thankful to my team lead and the rest of the team who made it all possible.”  

Sometimes the most unexpected things come true during the most unusual moments - finding some blessing in disguise with your family and friends in the most uncertain times. 

By the way: we also asked Esteban what three things would characterize LucaNet, and this is what he said: “Team culture and spirit, flat hierarchies, the best parties!” – Let’s hope for the best that the latter will be able again soon! 

Last updated: Sep 6, 2021

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