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On Consulting, Clients, and a Decade of Growth at LucaNet

Mariam Endeladze Mar 9, 2023 Career & Life

Our Talent Partner Mari sat down with our Senior Manager Consulting Linda Plaschke to discuss the Senior Consultant role, one of the positions we are currently hiring for at LucaNet AG.  

Hi Linda! Thank you for taking the time to sit with me for a chat. For starters, could you introduce yourself and talk us through your involvement in hiring for the position? 

I’m Linda, Senior Manager Consulting, and have been with LucaNet for over 10 years now. In my current role, I manage the implementation of the LucaNet software with our clients, support other Consultants on their projects, and deal with customers’ requests. Other than this, I am also the one responsible for the onboarding in our service line and training our new starters. 

Can you share more about the Senior Consultant role at LucaNet? 

As Senior Consultant, you will be an expert in all topics covering financial consolidation, planning, and reporting in connection with our software. This role is a mix of working on their own projects and acting as a project manager for Associate and Mid-level Consultants. 

What makes your team of Consultants at LucaNet unique? 

We have quite a variety when it comes to different skills and strengths in our teams. When it comes to work, it’s great seeing how we support one another, especially when we have new joiners. I’ve heard multiple stories of consultants that have been with us for a while taking out time from their work to help new starters with their projects. There are also strong bonds and a sense of community within our department. 

And then what do you think are the strengths of our Consulting teams? 

Consultants have to deal with a variety of tasks. On one hand, they learn all about the software and how to use it. Usually this is new to them, since most of the starters don’t initially know much about LucaNet or how to deal with our software. 

On the other hand, they have comprehensive knowledge about consolidation, planning, and all of its aspects, making them uniquely versatile learners capable of delving into various topics. Within this role, our consultants specialize in two distinct fields. 

What are the main challenges Senior Consultants face within the team? 

Due to the diverse range of industries our clients belong to, the nature of our work presents varying challenges. However, a recurring aspect that I can highlight is the need for coordination. 

Senior Consultants juggle their client work while overseeing 8 to 10 additional projects, requiring effective coordination and a clear overview. They must possess open-mindedness as a soft skill to deal with clients and handle potential complaints, as well as sensitively manage new consultants by fostering an open and communicative environment. 

What are the fields Consultants’ clients work in, generally? 

We work with a diverse range of companies from various backgrounds such as airlines, tourism agencies, and radio stations. While demanding, it is also exhilarating as every project presents unique challenges, requiring customized approaches for each client. This dynamic environment ensures that the work never becomes monotonous, as there is always something new to learn with each project. 

You’ve been with LucaNet for 10 years now and have had tremendous career growth - what has kept you engaged over this time period? 

I learned so much over this time. I started as a Junior Consultant 10 years ago, and after a year I moved on to be a Consultant. Three years after, I transitioned into the position of a Senior Consultant and hence became a Project Lead. 

Reflecting on my time here, I realize that I often went out of my comfort zone and embraced new challenges. I take great satisfaction from interacting with customers and seeing how happy they are when using LucaNet, knowing that my contributions are appreciated. 

Thank you for sharing your valuable insights, Linda! As a final question: why would you encourage people to join LucaNet? 

One of the best things about working at LucaNet is that it allows you to pursue your diverse interests and take ownership of your career growth. We had people who started in Consulting but excelled in Sales, and eventually transitioned to the Sales Department or even a more technical direction after a few years. In essence, we encourage our team to explore new avenues and maximize their skills. This creates a uniquely special environment that fosters a positive work culture. 

Last updated: Mar 9, 2023