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Coffee Talk #5: Delivering the Future

Flavia Asandei Feb 28, 2023 Career & Life

Amid the vibrancy of daily life in Berlin and the excitement of upcoming work projects and plans for the future, today I had the nice opportunity to sit down and chat with Stéphanie Adeyemo, one of our Software Delivery Managers, to get to know her a little better. 

Hi Stéphanie! Thank you so much for agreeing to our coffee chat. Tell me, when did you join LucaNet and what it is you do here? 

Hi Flavia, I joined LucaNet in August 2022, so I have been working here for about 6 months now. I work as a Software Delivery Manager in the Delivery department. 

We want to get to know you better, so here is a question I like to ask everyone I interview: If you had to delete all but three apps from your phone, which would you keep?  

This question is pretty easy for me, as I don't have that many apps on my phone and I barely use them. But I would keep WhatsApp to communicate with my family and friends, Twitter because of the memes I find there and Google Maps because I still need it to find my way around Berlin. 

What does a typical day/week at work look like for you? 

A typical day for me always start calmly, I like to come early in the office to check my emails and Teams to see if there is any urgent topic to cover. I also take this time to work on my To Do's. 
Then my day gets busier with the daily stand ups I have with my project teams. The stand ups allow us to sync and communicate as a team, and it's also a great way to see how we progress in our projects. 
The stand ups are usually followed by other meetings in which we discuss specific project topics with developers and product owners. 
I also have meetings with my delivery team where we discuss project management processes and potential improvements. 
Overall, I would say my day consists of alignment, communication and planning of my projects. 

What is particularly exciting about your projects now? 

What I found very exciting about my projects is that we are focusing on how to improve our product for the customer. We also use the Agile methodology, and it is very interesting as we focus a lot on how to make things more efficient and how to deliver more value to the customer. 

What are the three things that you believe characterize LucaNet and that you would love to still see in five years? 

In my experience, LucaNet has shown a deep commitment to its employees, always trying to meet our needs and foster collaboration and trust within teams. LucaNet is also very dynamic for me, a lot of interesting projects are coming up. Finally, I would say that LucaNet is forward-thinking. 

As International Women's Day approaches, I would love to gain insight into your experiences as a woman working at LucaNet. Is there any particular experience that you would like to share? 

Experience has shown that, in the Tech world, women are often underrepresented across all roles and can face particular challenges when aiming to advance their careers. I am happy that, at LucaNet, we are prioritizing Diversity and Inclusion throughout all departments and hierarchies. In my Delivery team I always feel that I am heard and that I have space to share my ideas. 

Thank you for sharing your insights, Stéphanie! I have one final question - do you have any tips for potential candidates?  

My tips would be first to apply if you feel that you match the job description ;) 
But most importantly, you should be yourself and not stress during the interview process. From what I have experienced, the interview process is friendly, and the goal is not to trick you, but get to know you. Good luck! 



Last updated: Feb 28, 2023