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LucaNet Insight - New work, new normal

Silvia Heredia Minthorne de Kläner Sep 6, 2021 Work Trends

Hi there,

We’re glad that you found the way to our blog “LucaNet Insight”. This blog is dedicated to LucaNet’s employees as well as prospect applicants to get a feeling of what it’s like working here, but it is also open to everyone who might be interested in LucaNet, the team and the topics that we explore at our company and as an employer.

While sharing insights about our daily lives at LucaNet, we also want to share tips and experiences that can help you develop in specific areas. 

And why is everything in English? Because English has been our company language since 2016 and we have taken further steps to also apply this to our external career website and information about LucaNet as an employer. And at the end of the day, we all want to know who’ll we work with and what makes someone successful at LucaNet and what the culture looks like. 

COVID-19 as accelerator of the workplace transformation

The pandemic has been an accelerator of our workplace transformation. We were able to build on already existing flexibility and transformation measures and linked them in 2021 with the challenges emerging in the context of the post-COVID “New Work Normality” and our goal to future-proof LucaNet.  

Take the example of our new hybrid working model that we first rolled out in the LucaNet AG: During the pandemic, we all experienced the benefits of this increased flexibility regarding the when and where of our work and received very positive feedback from our employees. Going forward, we didn’t want lose sight of that but at the same time believe strongly in the benefit or our face-to-face encounter. 

Based on the fundamental principles of trust and ownership we created our new hybrid work(ing) model as a scalable framework that allows all employees at LucaNet to work where and when they work best. We threw out all non-essential rules regarding the regulation of working hours and embraced our new identity as a hybrid working company: We are remote-friendly and still use our offices or flexible other locations to work collaboratively and creatively and live our team spirit. That's why most of our employees don’t work 100% remotely and after all, the guiding principle of our hybrid model is flexibility. 

Leading into a successful future together with our People 

Our people play a significant role here – engaged, successful, and healthy employees are key to implement this “New Work Normality” and shape a successful future for LucaNet. This has guided us in aligning our strategy and initiatives with requirements and expectations of the years to come. It is also reflected by our department vision to be a strategic partner and enabler for the success of the entire organization, especially by thriving for the best for LucaNet and its people. 

Come with us when we share our insights on LucaNet’s employer journey and get to know us. And then why not come and join our journey? You can find all information on our current openings here.

Enjoy reading and stay healthy, 


Head of People, Organization & Legal 

Last updated: Sep 6, 2021

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