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Increasing Employee Engagement: Taking Action Against Quiet Quitting

Alejandra Mosquera Sep 13, 2022 Work Trends
Increasing Employee Engagement: Taking Action Against Quiet Quitting

With over 100 million tags on TikTok, #QuietQuitting has been the latest trending topic on social media. We want to share with you what we, as LucaNet, are doing to fight against it.

Long story short, quiet quitting rejects the idea that work takes a significant part of a person’s life and that they should go beyond what is required of them. It basically implies that employees do the bare minimum to keep a job. According to Gallup, the decline in engagement and employer satisfaction is stronger among remote Gen Z and some millennials, specifically those below age 35.  The Covid-19 pandemic changed workplace dynamics significantly, and for the past months, employers have been facing the challenge of securing employee engagement and strengthening manager – employee relations.  

At LucaNet we are dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space for everyone. We encourage our people to thrive and know that as a workplace, we are in constant evolution, adapting not only to our customer’s needs but mainly, adapting to our employee's needs. How can we stop employees from quiet quitting? Over the years we have learned not only from the pandemic, but also from listening to what our employees expect from us and what their needs are.  

Flexible hours, workcation, office space  

To ensure that the workload adapts to our people’s lifestyle and not the other way around, we have set up a flexible working model where you decide how to split your hours during the day. We trust our people to know when they work best, and we aim to make our employees' lives less complicated and increase flexibility. Any additional hours are automatically added to a flex-time account where they can be built up and used over the course of the year. Simultaneously, our hybrid working approach allows us to enjoy the best of home/remote office and our official workplace flexibly and fitting to our needs.   

Regular feedback and mental health check-in  

Feedback is not a one- way street, which is why we aim to create a full engaging work environment. We hold quarterly feedback discussions to ensure a constant dialogue between employees and managers, to keep our team motivated and foster internal development. We acknowledge that additionally to these individual feedback discussions, it’s important to get an overall picture in the company of how employees are doing and what is important to them. That’s why we conduct regular pulse checks within our company and are very happy to have achieved an 78% participation rate. Employee participation is essential for us to receive authentic feedback and implement positive changes coming directly from this feedback. 

Moreover, our people team conducts regular “how do you feel” meetings to check in and follow up with our colleague's work-life creating a channel for impromptu direct feedback. For additional support especially on challenging situations at work or in private life, we also offer an external Employee Counselling Program from the Fürstenberg Institut. Through this program, our employees can get expert support with professional and personal issues at no extra cost in a non-work- related setup.  

Mobile working and sabbaticals 

Sometimes a change of scenery helps boost creativity and motivation, which is why we also offer the possibility of remote work for a maximum of three months within any country in the EU, including all our subsidiaries. If our employees need a longer break, want to try something new or just want to travel for a while, we offer the possibility of taking sabbatical time off for up to six months, after they have been with us for at least three years.  

Engaging Opportunities 

Finally, over the past years we have created different interdisciplinary initiatives within the company. These initiatives are created as safe spaces where our employees can engage in relevant topics such as Diversity and Inclusion, Women at LucaNet and Sustainability. These spaces are open to everyone inside LucaNet, no matter if they are passionate about the topic or interested in learning more. We see it as essential to our business to stay on top of these issues and develop as an organization while also giving our people the opportunity to become active beyond their usual work scope for things that matter to them also personally. 

We know that #QuietQuitting is not a new issue in the workplace, however it is our responsibility to take action and secure our employee’s’ wellbeing. We want to continue building a sustainable, healthy, and engaging work environment for our employees. We strive to make working at LucaNet a great experience, allowing our people not only to love their work but also life. Because only if our people can embrace a meaningful life outside of work, will we achieve our ultimate goal of a fully engaged and empowered LucaNet team! 

Last updated: Sep 13, 2022